Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick Takes on Friday

As always, credit for kicking me off on 7 Quick Takes goes to Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary.
1. Blogsy is working out pretty well, not great, but pretty well. You get a much better WYSIWYG interface with this app that with Blog Press. One thing I like better about Blog Press is that you can more easily save a post as a draft, either on line or on the iPad, but the formatting and lay out of the post is much easier. I'm continuing the experiment and will provide updates.

2. Another presidential debate with more predictable results, both sides claiming victory. It seems the actual substance of what is said matters less and less. It only seems to matter who "won," and what "won" means. I can't think this is really good for the republic.

3. The Broncos have a "bye" this week, so life is on hold until October 28, when they will defeat the N.O. Saints. I used to kind of like the Saints, but the sad business in the off-season changed my view of them.

4. The Austrian parachutist was successful in his jump from 128,500 feet or whatever the exact figure is. It seems he landed pretty close to where he took off from and I keep wondering, how did he do that? I'm mean, how do you free-fall from 24 miles up and have the ability to aim for a landing spot? I also kept wondering, what if he lost control of the ballon and got so high, there wasn't enough gravity to cause him to fall? Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Of course, the wife thinks it was a silly enterprise, since nothing productive came out of it. Being a male member of the species, I fall on the side of appreciating the thing just for the adventure of it.

LATER: I just read that data gathered during Mr. Baumgartner's jump is going to prove immensely useful in designing space vehicle escape systems on future launch systems. His space suit was made for standing and free-falling, rather than primarily sitting, as in conventional space suits used by NASA. Apparently, they learned useful data about positioning arms and legs on future space suits as well. So, I can now tell the better half that it wasn't just a useless adventure after all.

5. Father, at Mass earlier this week, gave a "homework" assignment, choose between a delicious hamburger, double cheese, bacon, the works, and a bowl of rotten dog food. Actually, the assignment was, now that the weather is turning chilly, to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and think about choosing the true good, the double cheese cheeseburger, rather than the bowl of rotten dog food. The idea is that, in the end, the choices we make add up and it's important to learn good from bad. Father is a young man from Mexico, with a rather heavy hispanic accent, and he was able to deliver this homily with a very nice touch of humor.

6. We've had a difficult time in the office this week; defense budget cuts are beginning to have an effect. I got to thinking about how various companies handle the termination of employees. I've known some who will arbitrarily fire people who get out of line and pass the treatment off with a comment that "business is business." I don't think that's true, actions in business are human actions and not separable from our lives outside the workplace. Jesus did tell us that those who are faithful in little things can be trusted with the big things. An unjust act is an unjust act, it happens, but, it carries the same consequences as the same action outside of the office.

7. I'm looking forward to a quiet(er) weekend. The final stage of the remodeling project on the lower level of the house will be complete and we'll be able to start restoring order down there and get things back to normal. I'm hoping we won't do very much, even with those tasks; I need a break. The final stage of the rest of the project begins in about two weeks.


Thomas at Listening for the Shepherd said...

Hi, glad to find another man doing Quick takes!

Ron said...


We do seem to be a rare breed, don't we. On top of that, I'm from Michigan (glad to live in Colorado now, though) and a Catholic convert also. Welcome to my blog!