Saturday, October 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes

This at the impetus from Jennifer Fulwilers blog.

I found this picture quite by accident on Friday on the internet. It was taken at Lai Khe, in Viet Nam. I'm in the picture -- there's a soldier on the far right side of the picture with a camera in his hand, I'm sitting on some ammo cases right behind the camera. I remember this concert quite clearly since it was the first, and only, USO show I saw during my entire Air Force enlistment. These were probably the first American girls I had seen in 6 or 7 months and I was quite impressed, I'll have to say.

Looking back on it, I feel only gratitude for the effort this little troupe made to come to Lai Khe to put on this one hour show. There was no little risk for them to do this, at least twice in the next three or four months shrapnel from rocket attacks landed in this same area. One of them came just short of killing me. It's hard to think that the entertainers here, well, all the people in this shot, are in their mid-60s or close to 70 and I doubt any of them would ever read this, but if they do, I hope they accept my sincere thanks for coming to Viet Nam to entertain the troops on that afternoon on an old French rubber plantation in Viet Nam. Well Done.

The Veep debates occurred this week, and the thing that struck me watching it is that I'm just sick of politics; the campaigns go on much too long and inform much to little. In this regard, we're victims of a media that has lost the desire or willingness to inform replacing it with the desire to inflame.

The current project is to get wood floors installed throughout the house, to replace worn carpets stained by the tenancy of 4 cats. It's a real trial but should be a great improvement once completed.

I wonder what I will do to come up with 4 more of these quick takes?

In the Sunday reading this week we hear the story of the rich young man. It occurred to me that Jesus was not just literally telling the young man to sell everything, selling material things wasn't really the important thing; Jesus was telling him to get his priorities straight, to be clear in his own mind who and what his God was. Was it the true and ever-living God, or was it his own self-sufficiency? Something we all need to be reminded of, perhaps more often that not.

Only one more to go!

One thing I've learned doing these "quick takes" is that this isn't a bad idea for a weekly series of blog posts. It may be a keeper -- thanks Jennifer for getting me started on this.

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