Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes on Friday

October 26, 2012

Colorado Springs enjoyed a beautiful day on Monday with temps in the high 60s and lower 70s, clear skies, all is right with the world. Forecast for later this week? High of 32, up to 2 inches of snow, high winds, in short, the first taste of winter. I shouldn't complain because we still desperately need the moisture to cut down on fire danger next year. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Former Senator George McGovern passed over the weekend, at age 92, I think. He's one of two honest to God presidential candidates that I saw give speeches during the campaign. I voted for neither. The first was Adlai Stevenson, in 1952, I believe (yes, that was a long time ago, and I don't want to hear any more about that!) and I have only vague memories of the union sponsored event my father took me to in Detroit. I suppose he did that so that I might witness a bit of history; as far as I know, it was the only campaign event he ever attended. I didn't vote for him, of course, because I was waaaaay too young. I saw George McGovern, purely by chance, in 1972 in San Francisco, of all places. I remember being impressed that he was quite a good speaker and that I was impressed with him. I also remember the crowd being very small and just walking up to the podium and hanging around for him to arrive to give his speech. Try doing that today. However, as a very recent Viet Nam vet, I could in no way bring myself to vote for him. McGovern had a sense of humor, something sorely lacking in today's candidates. He joked that he had always wanted to run for president in the worst way, and had done it. RIP

I sometimes long to just play with words, to make the ultimate game of things literary. This is especially so since I spend so much of my time writing dull, dry, life-sucking policies and processes, which I view as an offense against human free will, even basic human dignity. It seems impossible for anyone to escape rules and regulations passed down from on high, these days. Even more impossible to find the joy in life when, little by little, it is whittled away with every succeeding edition of the latest written rule. God displayed the ultimate wisdom when he deemed only 10 rules to be necessary for Moses and his flock to live a holy life; that's all that should ever be required, everything else should be explanation. On second thought, 10 Commandments should be enough for anybody. 

As usual, the closer we get to the expected snow day, the less likely it seems it will snow. Now the chances are down to 30% for precip, and only on Thursday and Thursday night, slight chance on Wednesday night. Last year, the Weather Underground web site repeated this pattern endlessly all winter. "Snow, Thursday and Friday, 90% chance, expect 10 inches with temps in the mid-teens," they would proclaim. Come Thursday, it was bright, sunny, and 70. It really was tiresome.

You might wonder about my pre-occupation with the weather. It comes from a stint as a weather observer and combat weather team member in the Air Force's Air Weather Service. Even after 40 years, I've never lost my interest in what happens in the skys, overhead and 300 miles to the east, or north, or wherever significant weather is coming from. Can't help it, it's part of me now.

There are a lot of saints I'm interested in and would like to know more about. Not the stuff that is readily available, for instance, from the Magnificat or from some hagiography. I'd like to know the saints personally. But how do you do that? By difinition, they're no longer with us, and I can't ever claim, and wouldn't claim publicly anyway, that I've heard voices from beyond speaking to me. Frank Waters, of Why I Am Catholic, a fellow blogger who's becoming a never ending source of ideas, may have described one way this could be done -- write a letter to the saint in question. He did a post (here) about the time he wrote a letter to St Joseph, and got a response! It so happens that St. Joseph is probably at the head of the list of saints I'd like to know more about. I was born in St. Joseph Hospital, in Detroit, (one day before Mitt Romney was born, in Detroit, BTW) and I've always felt I was under his protection in some way. That was true long before I ever became Catholic. So, in the next day or so, he's getting a letter. I'll let you know when, and if, I get an answer.

I have to come up with another quick take to make seven. I wonder what happens to anyone who dares to do a "7 Quick Takes on Friday" post and doesn't have all seven? Do they get sent to some sort of blogger purgatory? Do they have to baby sit for Jenifer for a week? For free? I don't think I want to know!

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