Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Hiatus

One of the authors in the brand new e-book, One Body, Many Blogs, is Frank Waters who has the blog, Why I am Catholic. I started reading his blog and quickly learned of his excellent practice of taking time of from his blog, "to go reading and praying." I am going to follow his excellent example and be away until the 19th of October.

There are two things driving this, one is just having a lot going on in life which brings on the need for a bit of time to read and pray. A second thing is the death of a high school classmate of mine. We joined the Air Force at about the same time and lost touch and didn't meet again until 7 years ago when we met up again at a class reunion. Dave was a good man, served his country proudly, raised a loving family, and lived a worthy life. I don't know what else, or what better, can be said of any of us. I ask for your prayers for him.

I have to admit though, that these two events remind me that it is most important to maintain perspective and have the proper priorities in life and I need to rediscover both at the moment.

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