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Lost in Thought
Lets keep it simple. I am all of the following:

·         A native of Detroit, (inside 8 Mile Road)

·         A baby-boomer who never became a hippy or wore tie-die t-shirts (honest!)

·         A Viet Nam veteran

·         A Husband
·         A retired corporate controller and CPA (no, I can't give you any tax advice)
·         A former Presbyterian, now Catholic (having crossed the Tiber on tax day, 1995, how appropriate)
·         A Camaldolese/Benedictine oblate in formation
·         A lover of good books
·         A lover of certain fine Irish Whiskeys and many fine beers
·         A blogger

·         A restless soul, most recently transplanted from Texas, now living in Colorado

·         A guy who grew chin whiskers in honor of John Steinbeck's reason for doing the same, it's one of the few things left in the world that a man can still do better than a women.

For better or worse, and in varying degrees, all of these things have influenced my life and contributed to my initial and on-going, daily, process of conversion to faith and to the Church.  I’m writing for anyone who shares my conversion process (and any of the above interests).




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