Monday, June 18, 2012

A very sensible comment from the Editors of National Review on Obama’s immigration move.

This executive order would, therefore, be entirely unacceptable even if it represented good policy. But it does not. Congress has been correct to reject earlier attempts at this sort of limited amnesty, and the American public is correct to remain generally skeptical of amnesty proposals. The amnesty proponents will of course point to any number of cases in which a young person is facing a painful situation through no fault of his own, and one would have to have a heart as hard as coffin nails not to sympathize, but the fact is that it was not the people of the United States who put these young people in legal jeopardy — it was their parents. Without first ensuring effective enforcement at the border and at the workplace, any step toward normalizing the status of those here in violation of the law invites more of the same abuse and disorder.

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