Monday, June 25, 2012

Sola Scriptura

Scripture (Photo credit: Bob Jenkin)
From Devin Rose’s book, If Protestantism is True

If Protestantism is true, then there is no infallible interpreter of the Scriptures and thus no interpreter can be accepted as authoritative. God did inspire the Scriptures to be without error, but He did not provide an authoritative, infallible interpreter for the inerrant Scriptures, leaving us with only conflicting, error-prone opinions of people. The Scriptures must therefore be deemed to be sufficiently clear for most people on all important matters of the faith. Since, even between the founders of Protestantism, no accord could be reached on what Jesus meant at the Last Supper, then the proper meaning of “body” and “blood” must simply not be significant, and the Reformers were quibbling over trifles.

 This, generally, is the issue that brought me into the Church: amid all the conflicting interpretations of the Bible, how do you know who's right? How, in fact, can there be so much difference among Christians on what the Bible says?  It became an impossible issue to get around, and I tried!

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