Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Desert Fathers, Sunday, June 17, 2012, St. Cyril of Jerusalem

English: Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, fresco at a...
English: Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, fresco at a greek orthodox church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
O strange and inconceivable thing! We did not really die, we were not really buried, we were not really crucified and raised again, but our imitation was but a figure, while our salvation is in reality. Christ was actually crucified, and actually buried, and truly rose again; and all these things have been vouchsafed to us, that we, by imitation communicating in His sufferings, might gain salvation in reality. O surpassing loving-kindness! Christ received the nails in His undefiled hands and feet, and endured anguish; while to me without suffering or toil, by the fellowship of His pain He vouchsafed salvation.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

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