Friday, February 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Writings or photos that caught my interest during the past week -- for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Welcome to new follower, Pomeranian Catholic, thank you for joining me.

Five on Friday is a new series of news and other writings that I found interesting during the past week, stayed tuned every Friday as I unfold and refine this new weekly feature.

1) This guy must have been in a three foot hover for a week, but, I wonder if I can break his record -

2) Let me be perfectly clear . . . NOT -

3) "Indeed, the more we understand what mammals have in common, the more we have to rethink everything about even our specifically human intelligence." Oh, I don't know about that --

4) Shushhhhhhh!

5)  Mothers have to be responsible?  Who knew. . . ?  Did you know?  I didn't know!!

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