Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just Can't Do It

It has now become clear that I can't do two blogs at one time, just can't do it.  An Oblate Journal will fade away into the sunset, at least until retirement when I might be able to pick it up again.  Posts that I might have done for that blog will appear here.

Actually, the general idea of A Colorado Catholic's Musings is one I can work with fairly well since it offers some flexibility in what I can write about, I like that.

On a slightly different topic I'm going to offer a shameless plea for the occasional comment.  If there's something here you find that you enjoy, I certainly don't mind hearing about it.  If there's something you really don't like, it would be worth hearing about that too.  If what you find here is just plain boring, I wouldn't even mind hearing about that. 

When you have enough ego to write on your own blog on the Internet, it’s nice, occasionally, to get a little feedback; there's been very little of that here since I started.  I'd enjoy having some back and forth with anyone who might stumble across this place, to make the whole thing a bit more conversational in nature.  – and so I know there really is someone out there.

‘Course, if it’s just too boring to mess with, I can understand.

Peace to all.

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