Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Silence, Part I of Who Knows How Many

I could write endless posts about silence and never get to the heart of why it seems so vital for me as part of being human. I wonder, though, if the effort would, itself, be a violation of silence, my own and anyone who happened to read my scribbling’s.

I think it's a Camaldolese ideal that one shouldn't break the silence unless you can offer something better than the silence. That's hard to do, if you think about it. How many of us have anything to say that is that important or would be that gratifying to those around us (or to blog readers, for that matter)? Not many.

I say this because I think I should use that guidance for posting here, I really hope over the next year I can do that. I think there is way too much on the Internet that is just noise, much of it uncharitable noise, and that it would be better had it never seen the light of day. To try my best to avoid that probably means doing fewer posts here, trying to write and post only what is truly sincere and heartfelt, and trying to, in all cases write charitably. I'm not always very good at that latter point.

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