Saturday, July 17, 2010

Horsethief Falls

Did a hike up to Horsethief Falls and Pancake Rocks last Sunday and I got a few shots along the trail.  I think , on this trail, the best time for taking photos is in the afternoon, unfortunately, there wasn't time for that.  These trails are about an hour from where I live and the schedule is a bit tight for an all day journey.  I guess, too, I was testing the limits of my little Canon S90, but I continue to be very pleased with most of the shots I get from it.  I hope to go again soon to try to get to the actual Pancake Rock formations which were a little farther along the trail.  Just as a point of reference, the trailhead is at 9,400 ft elevation, goes up to about 11,100 feet and, the heartbreaking part, descends again to get the Pancake Rocks.  By the time you've gone up 2,000 ft or so the idea of descending, then climbing again to get back isn't the most appealing in the world.  Incidentally, Horsethief Falls is so named, obviously, because horse thieves in the old west used to hide out in the little canyon just below the Falls. .

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John said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you. I especially like being able to click on the pictures and get the full screen of your photographs.

I live in Florida and while flat and green is pretty, your mountains -- and their trails are in another world.

Ron said...


I always appreciate your comments. We feel blessed to live here, everywhere you look the beauty of nature is present. The full size feature is courtesy of Picassa.

By the way, more shots coming today.

Do enjoy your blog greatly and I'm glad to see you back after the long absence.