Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pancake Rocks

We made the hike to Pancake Rocks this past weekend. I was determined not to wait to get to see these rock formations. The first picture is of one of the dominant rock formations in this small area. By the way, these sit at approximately 11,000 ft elevation. The second photo is a shot of the little rock cairns that people have set up in a couple of places at the rocks. In the third photo, you can see the "view from top", so to speak.  We stayed up on top for about 20 minutes and were the only ones there, more hikers were going up as we started down.

The trail is 7 miles round trip, 3.5 miles each way, starting at an elevation of about 9,400.  It is quite a hike; the hardest part is the descent on the return trip.  Still, it was worth the hike for the view.  Too, while it was near 90 in Colorado Springs, it was in the 70's on the mountain.  Not a bad day for an outing.

I have some more shots I will share later in the week. They contain a couple of surprises!

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