Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes on Friday, Friday, November 23, 2012





Much of what I post consists of quotations from the saints, the Church Fathers, or some Catholic writers such as Chesterton, or Merton, or Newman, and almost always I do so without comment.  It may seem an easy way to come up with material for blog posts, a cop out, but it isn't.  The reason I do this is that the Tradition of the Church is so rich, and so in danger of being forgotten (it will never be lost), that I think it worthwhile to call attention to what is there and let those who helped build that Tradition speak for themselves; there's little of value I can add to that by way of improvement.




One thing I notice about reading a book by Chesterton is that I have a hard time getting into it and, once into it, have an even harder time putting it down.




The wood floor project, I should say, the great wood floor project is done and things begin to return to normal.  As stressful and the upset way, I think the end result worth it.  It's a huge improvement in terms of appearance, and should be an improvement in ease of upkeep.  On top of that, our cat Ariel, one who suffers greatly from allergies with stuffy nose and runny eyes, as I do, seems to be having some measure of relief.




I have to admit that when I started doing these 7 Quick Takes on Friday posts it was mostly to promote the blog through Jennifer Fulwiler’s kind gesture to very obscure writers like me.  However, I’ve come to see this exercise in a different light, one of promoting a little greater discipline and even attentiveness in my life.  It takes some effort in these directions to come up with seven short topics to include in one post.  I think this is a good thing, better even, than getting publicized on Jennifer’s blog, nice as that is.




We’re having warm temps, clear skies all week this week.  It’s really nice and I wish that I could get out much more than I do.  I think I desire to get out more due to the short days we have at this time of year.  Don’t worry, though, the cycle turns around again on December 21st when we have the first day of (officially) winter.  With the warm, clear weather




Sonny Eliot died this week, he was 91.  For those of you not from Detroit, he was a legendary TV weatherman, beginning in the '50s, and all round broadcaster who could make even the most routine weather forecast a joy to watch.  He was famous, at least with me, for his abbreviations describing the next day’s expected weather which he wrote in chalk on a green “blackboard” during his show, see below.  For example, on a clear cool day, the word was “clool.”  It was camp, but everybody loved it.  He had a serious side, though.  He served on a B-24 in WWII and was shot down and captured.  He provided entertainment for his fellow prisoners until they were finally liberated.  RIP, Sonny.





It’s a short week and I’m flat out of ideas, I hope you all enjoyed a very Blessed Thanksgiving.


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