Thursday, November 3, 2011

Music and Culture, A Connection?

I've been reading Fr. James Schall's wonderful book, The 

     "Plato, it is said, asked that the flute be played by a young Thracian maiden on the evening he died. When she hit a wrong note, he indicated the proper tune with his finger. This was his last act in this world.  An act worthy of Plato, since it indicated the harmony of the world even in death.  Still, Plato was quite certain that, while music could move us to our depths, it could also, almost without our noticing it. Corrupt our very souls and cities by attuning them to patterns of emotional disorder. We underestimate the power of music and its rhythms at our peril. "

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I couldn't help but think back on all the changes that have occured, both in musical tastes and culture during the course of my life time.  I think Plato may have been on to something.

Life of the Mind, Schall, pg 80

 Life of the Mind, and came across this interesting passage on music:

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