Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Blogger SUCKS


After I posted this, I noticed the option to switch back to the old format, which I have done.  Now everything seems back to normal.  I hope they don't make the new version mandatory at some time or other.

Blogger has come out with a new version, which, quite honestly, sucks.  It's unstable, difficult to work with and may necessitate my looking for some new outlet with which to publish this blog.  Or may spell the end of it, I don't know which,  In any case, they either need to fix this thing or I'm history.  There are some things that just aren't worth putting up with a lot of frustration, this is one of them.

I began to blog because it was fun and something of an outlet, and also as an avenue for exploration of all the myriad of things that go through my mind from day to day.  Mostly because it was somewhat fun and entertaining.  This version is NOT fun.

So, there's one rant for today.

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