Thursday, January 28, 2010

Missing in Action

We should zealously cultivate watchfulness, my brethren; and when, our mind purified in Christ Jesus, we are exalted by the vision it confers, we should review our sins and our former life, so that
shattered and humbled at the thought of them we may never lose the help of Jesus Christ our God in the invisible battle.

St. Hesychius the Presbyter
I haven't posted here in the last two weeks, although it seems like just a day or so ago.  Around the 7th of January, my wife came down with a bad cold that lead to bronchitis, then pneumonia.  A week later, I got it, although I didn't contract the pneumonia piece.  I still haven't nearly recovered from it -- bad stuff.  Hope to have things back to normal in the next few days.

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