Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Beginning

I don’t have any great aims or ambitions for this blog. I’m not sure I have much of any purpose. I envision it primarily as an Oblate blog, I’m hoping to become a Benedictine Oblate at Prince of Peace Abbey in San Diego later this year, but it might just become the journal of an older guy trying to get on in the world and prepare for the next. In other words, it’s likely to be just a record of my ordinary experience living in Colorado. It may also serve as a copy book for interesting items I read in books, magazines, or on the web. I don’t consider any topic off limits.

So, without further ado or fanfare, let’s get started.


David said...

Hi Ron,

I really like what you are doing here and want to encourage you to continue, continue, continue in recording what you consider to be your "ordinary experience living in Colorado."

Ordinary experience. This dimension for Oblates, in my opinion, is what fleshes out the bones provided in the Rule of St. Benedict. It makes Benedictine life alive and real outside the walls and robes of cloistered environments.

Great blogs. Your photos take me back to the times when I've been privileged to view the spectacular beauty of Colorada with my own eyes. Makes me want to hook up on the camper and head out on a long drive.

Ron said...


Thanks for your kind comments. You're right, ordinary experience is the heart of the matter for Benedictines. Even in the monastery, monks must get through the routine of every day life to find Christ at the heart of it. It seems like one of the greatest mysteries, yet seems so simple.

If you ever get out this way, let me know, we'll get together for sure.