Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Miscellaneous Musings, Tuesday

First and foremost, please pray that, as the Conclave begins, the Holy Spirit is heard in the deliberations of the Cardinals.  I'm not overly worried or concerned about this election; for some reason I'm confident the selection will be the right one for the Church.

+ + +
Making the first halting, stumbling, fumbling progress on the mystery novel.  I have to learn to work in a new way, one very different from the way accounting work proceeds.  There is no easily defined, quantifiable end result just waiting for me to get there, no specific spreadsheet to construct with specific information desired, no specific financial report to be produced.  And the timeframe is quite different, we're not talking projects completed in a day or a few days, we're talking maybe months, maybe even a year.  There is a desired end result, the production of a finished novel, but what that novel will look like, or when it's done, I don't know yet.  I expect one or two false starts and also to end up heading down a few blind alleys.

My first steps are on the overall concept of the book and, something I enjoy greatly, starting to develop some idea of the characters, main and otherwise.  I hope they turn out memorably.

I also learned this morning that I'm going to work in some funny bits; it won't be deadly serious (pardon the pun).  The characters told me that. No, really!

+ + +

One surprise this morning is the weather; it was supposed to be nice this week, a little cool today, but no precip forecast until maybe the weekend or early next week.  It's more than just cool today, it's kind of cold and it has snowed and rained some, enough that the roof of my car parked out front was close to white, as was the back deck.  I like surprises.

+ + +

As you might expect, I'm spending some regular time each day reading mysteries, to get an idea of what's expected in the genre.  It's fine with me because I enjoy reading them anyway.  But now, I'm reading more analytically than I used to, not just for enjoyment, but to try to see how they’re put together.  I find that interesting and informative.  The book I'm reading now is A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton, her first in a series.  I'm trying not to let all this activity take away from the book I finally settled on for Lenten reading, Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI, a wonderful book.

+ + +

Just learned that black smoke was seen outside the Sistine, so I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow or the next day to see what happens.

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