Friday, September 21, 2012

Editorial Note (That Sounds so Official!)

It dawned on me, finally, that whatever happened to my ymail account probably had nothing to do with this blog – it uses a gmail account as the main email address.  So, I’ve come back.  I tried Word Press but I find it much more difficult to use than Blogger.

Also, I’m going to refocus this blog a bit and I’ll provide further details in a post in the next week or so.  I can provide the hint that I’m going to concentrate on my impending retirement, preparations for, my reactions to, and activities I’ll pursue once off the clock.  This is really a big milestone and something I'm anticipating with both joy and nervousness.  It's a central theme in my life right now and should be on the blog too.

Finally, I’m going to return to my Colorado Shots blog.  One of the activities I hope to engage in more now that I’m approaching retirement, and certainly after retirement, is photography.  This will begin this weekend when I’ll be out and about in the area getting some fall color shots (I hope – it may be too late already).  I’ll definitely be doing landscape photos around Colorado and most likely get into railroad photography, since that can involve some pretty spectacular landscape shots around here.

Anyway, just wanted to let anyone who stopped by know what’s going on.

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