Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unrest in Wisconsin

An interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal.  It seems some parishioners in a Wisconsin parish don't like the assignment of some rather strictly orthodox priests to their parishes.  They go so far as to claim that the priests aren't "teaching according to the precepts of the Church."  The articles states that the bishop didn't take kindly to their rather vociferous protests.

"Last month, soon after the parish announced it planned to close its school, Bishop Robert Morlino issued a public letter. He wrote that after investigating allegations from parishioners that the priests aren't teaching according to the precepts of the church, he found that the faith is being taught in the proper manner, but "what remains are personal likes and dislikes, along with inflated rumors and gossip, some which may even rise to the level of calumnious inciting of hatred of your priests, the faith and myself." The bishop had earlier objected to the some church members' efforts to oust the priests, including seminars on protest-letter writing, leafleting of vehicles and gathering signatures on a petition door-to-door."
What set this off is that, apprarently, the priests have imposed a dress code on Mass attendance and won't allow girls as altar servers.  They won't allow scantily clad ladies and men in shorts to particpate in the Mass.  I've often wondered about the way people dress at the parish I normally attend; I wonder if they realize they are, indeed, in the presence of God.  If they did, would that change their choice in attire?   Would they attend a formal or, say, even a business dinner dressed as they are at Mass?  I wonder.

It makes me want to be more mindful of the way I sometimes dress and that I should be more respectful myself.

One other side point.  I think what the Spanish priests are doing in Wisconsin is entirely within their rights as the bishop's representatives.  I also think it's instructive that those members of the parish who are protesting don't seem to be very well acquainted with what the teachings of the Church are.  That's the Church's fault, by the way.

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