Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tebowing, Saturday, December 10, 2011

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There’s a good article in today’s Wall Street Journal about Tim Tebow and his conspicuous display of his faith.  Of course, I’m somewhat interested in this, being a Denver Bronco’s fan, but also because it seems such a refreshing change to have an openly Christian young man doing good things.  Possibly unlike many people who are cheering Tebow on, I don’t think his success says much about God’s interest in football, and I don’t think his winning or losing proves that God is “on our side”, so to speak.  What the Tebow phenomena does show is that it’s equally possible to be successful in pro sports being a man of upright character as it is being a man of weak character; perhaps even more so. 

One point in the article I take exception to is the conclusion the writer seems to reach as to why so very many people seem to hate Tebow and wish him to fail.  Here is a short quote from the article:

Mr. Tebow may indeed turn out to be a hypocrite, like other high-profile Christians in recent memory. Some of us might even want that to happen, because moral failure is something we understand. We know how to deal with disappointed expectations, to turn our songs of praise into condemnation. 

What we are far less sure how to do is to take seriously a public figure's seemingly admirable character and professions of higher purpose. We don't know how to trust goodness.  

And who can blame us? We don't want to be fooled again.

 I don’t think the reason is that people fear being let down.  I think the reason is that people don’t like to compare themselves to someone with a higher standard; I think they fear they are letting themselves down.  Tebow sets a high moral standard, one that few of us can live up to; it’s easier to tear him down than to try to build ourselves up to the standard he sets.

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