Monday, February 7, 2011

Monastic Musings, Monday, Febuary 7, 2011

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Why do we need to know about our negativities? Because, such negativities surface without our ability to control them at times. Think, for instance, about being in a line at a grocery store. Make it a rather long line, say, with 10 people. Just as your turn is about to come, the manager comes and closes that line and you have to move to another line, which is as long as the first one originally was.

Listen to the feelings that go on within you. Some people can accept such happenings without any kind of negative reaction. Others cannot. The early monks and nuns were well aware that we must listen to our thoughts as they are provoked by our feelings and begin the battle for freedom at that level. In our present culture, there is at times an enormous emphasis on listening to our feelings and honoring them. That can be most misleading to any of us.

Certainly we need to know our feelings and in that sense honor them. Feelings are not yet actions or choices, but they condition our choices very often. It is not easy to resist anger if everyone around you is angry. On the other hand, a person of peace, walking into a crowd of anger, can change the atmosphere incredibly. The peace and love must be very deep, however, to resist the tug of the anger of others.
From Abbot Phillip’s (Christ in the Desert) Notebook, Wednesday, February 2, 2010

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