Monday, January 10, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings, January 10, 2011

Detroit Pride
I’ve been watching the new TV series, Detroit 1-8-7. I’ve had special interest in this show since I’m a native of Detroit, even though I haven’t lived there in many, many years. One thing that comes through on the show, something that I think common to many Detroiters, is a certain defensive pride in the city, even now. While I was growing up there in the 1950’s and ‘60’s it was a good place to live. Jobs were plentiful, the economy good and the schools were good, we had a World Series baseball team and, yes it’s hard to believe, a decent football team; things were pretty good. But even though Detroit was a good place to live back then, Detroiters were defensive about it. It was only the 5th largest city in the country at that time and couldn’t compete with places like New York or Chicago for cultural cachet and all that goes with it. People would defend the town on it’s merits but, I think, often felt a little inadequate. I never was sure why.

All this changed, of course, with the riots that took place in 1968. That’s when many people began to think about leaving and the city has never recovered. I hope all this is turning around and Detroit can, once again, attract people with the beauty of the surroundings and all the attractions the city still offers. We’ll see.

Which brings me to my next topic and a bit of a rant, for which I apologize in advance.

The Arizona Shootings
The tragic events of this past weekend remind us that there are crazy people out there. The shooter in the Tucson violence was a deeply troubled individual who needed help and never received it. The really sad thing is that many on the left are, in an equally nutty move, trying to pin this guy’s insanity on the Tea Party. Not only is this move nutty, it’s a rather despicable and desperate attempt to make political gains out of a completely tragic and unnecessary event. It disgusts me. It makes me even more upset when I think of the violence that destroyed my home town.

Anyone who is familiar with the violence that took place in Detroit in the summer of ’68 knows that violence was spurred on by the left. In fact, most of the political violence in this country over the last 150 years has be of leftist origination. Just think of the Haymarket Riots in Chicago which left 8 policemen dead, the result of socialist labor agitation. In our own time, the assassin who shot JFK was a Russian/Cuban sympathizer. Anyone familiar with the history of this country would know about these things and see through the ruse the left is trying to foist off on the country. The only reason they can be even partly successful is because they have succeeded so well in destroying the educational systems in the US.

It’s a shame those on the left, beginning with the NY Times feel the need to use a tragedy the way they have, but the rest of us don’t have to listen to it.

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