Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Washington Monument

Scrolling through my album, I came across this picture from the recent trip to DC.   I have found the Washington Monument to be fascinating, mostly because, when I was very young, perhaps only 6 or 7 years old,  my father took us a trip to Florida.  On the way, we stopped in Washington, and he and I walked up the stairs to the top of the Monument.  I remember him insisting we do this because he had, when he lived in Virginia, had something to do with the actual construction of the Monument, it wasn't something I was anxious to tackle, even at that young age.  I later studied history a bit and found this wasn't possible.  I've been confused about that ever since.

While we were attending the Restoring Honor Rally, however, I heard Glenn Beck make some mention of the fact that, about a third of the way up the Monument, there is a noticeable color change. (See second photo)  He explained it, but I couldn't hear the explanation.  Today, I researched it, and learned that the color change occurs about at the point where the initial phase of construction stopped in the 1850's.  I also learned that the Monument was considered a Masonic symbol; the cornerstone, apparently, was laid by members of the Masonic Order.  That would be one explanation of why my father was so attracted to the structure, he was a second, possibly third, generation Mason.
This second photo, by the way, was taken on Thursday, two days before the Rally when the set up for the big day was still in progress.  This is a "Glenn's" eye view of the Washington Monument and the Capital Building in the background.  Also visible is the WWII Memorial.  It also shows the color change quite clearly. Posted by Picasa 

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