Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Direction (From Apologia of My Own)

[This post was originally entered on another blog of mine but I wanted to be sure it was posted here.  Another post explaining more will follow.]

For some time now, I’ve wanted to branch out in topics I cover during my blogging career. For some reason I can’t explain, the impetus came from reading William of St. Thierry’s The Golden Epistle. William was one of the Cistercian Fathers, a monastic, who wrote simply about seeking God. He didn’t spend much time on specifically monastic topics. I thought about that and realized that I hadn’t spent much time reading or studying what it means to seek God as a Catholic Christian living in the 21st century. More than that, I wanted to get back to the roots of some Church teachings that I wasn’t too familiar with and some teachings that I was just plain uncomfortable with. I suppose chief among the latter topics would be the so called area of “social justice.” On top of all that, I wanted to spend time reading either original documents, or writers who lived not later than the early 20th century. So my study will be one of the areas of focus for this blog.

Other areas will certainly include current events, skirting partisan political issues as much as possible, and possibly even supposedly trivial issues such as the weather, football, and ordinary events of daily life and reflections on my past. In other words, anything that occurs to me at the moment I sit down to type.

To possibly set the tone for the future of An Apoligia of my Own, I offer the following video from Red Skelton. This short bit gives a beautiful example of the impact some serious thought can have.

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