Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Guess Spring is Here

I guess spring is upon us; I received the following email yesterday concerning bear activity on my cul-de-sac at neighbor’s houses over the last weekend.

Yes, the bears are back. Mama and the three cubs. They were behind S’s two or three days ago, enjoying the bird feeders next door. Then they raided the W’s freezer to have some bagels for breakfast. ( Ed had gone to run an errand and left the garage door up). And they took the bagels into the back yard to have a bath with their bagels.

They visited my garage night before last – about 8:30 PM – I had left the garbage can out even though the lid was tied down. Didn’t phase them a bit.

Anyway, Ed thought it a good idea to set up a phone call list, and thus you have it.

And the D’s saw a mt [mountain] lion in the back yard a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, If you want to see the bears – leave some food in the driveway!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just kidding of course.

Never leave a garbage can out anywhere in bear season.

The mother bear in question was a near full time resident of the neighborhood last year, I may have posted a picture of her and two of her cubs, if not, it's included here. Just another sign that spring has finally begun to sprung.

On that note, we cooked out a couple of steaks on Sunday, the first time we were able to do so this year. The ice cream truck that makes weekly rounds in our area also appeared for the first time this year. The thing plays a variety of rather odd music that blares all over the place and is quite a piercing noise. It made me think back to my youth when we received daily visits from the Good Humor man. 

The great difference is, which must be some sort of sign of the times, is that the Good Humor man announced his daily visit by ringing bells which were affixed to the front of his truck. It was quiet but still effective. We always knew when that truck was in the neighborhood, even without the aid of electronic amplification. We learned to listen for it. 
It’s amazing what good things can happen when we learn to be quiet and to listen.

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